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The company has the facility and the equipment to manufacture the plate fin type of copper brass radiators. The radiators can be of three different core configurations depending on the customer's requirements. The entire radiator along with all its components can be manufactured and tested in-house.


The company is equipped with a Computer Aided Design facility, enabling us to provide a quick technical response to customer requirements and queries. We are fully equipped with the necessary test facilities to ensure the quality and reliability of our end product.

Some of the tests that we perform before we certify the product are:

  • Bump Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Heat transfer Test
  • Spring rating Test
  • Cupping Test
  The Future

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The company is on the forefront of radiator technology. We are on the verge of setting up a facility to manufacture the latest Cupro Braze radiators. These radiators provide better heat dissipation properties than the older copper brass and aluminum radiators and is more effective. They are even lighter and more serviceable in the field.

The Quality
The company has a well established quality assurance system. Our quality is ensured by stringent checks right from incoming material. The rejection and wastage levels are very minimal and we continuously strive to improve these further.

The company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified by BVQI and is also a self certified vendor to M/s TAFE.

All customer complaints and non-conformances are thoroughly analysed and necessary corrective and preventive actions are taken. All equipments are calibrated for accuracy. SPC/SQC techniques are used for analysis and corrective action.

The Customer
Some of our valued customers... 
Bajaj Tempo
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